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Your yard can be considered a weekend escape from the week’s overbearing stress load. You want a place where you can detach from the world, a place where it is home. Redesigning the landscape is a good way to revive your weekend paradise. It just takes a little elbow grease and a trip to your local landscape supply store. The key is to make sure you visit and buy from the right landscape supply store.

In constructing your landscape, you need a lot of materials. You want to fill your garden with plenty of plants, preferably native species, which grow better in the region where you live. To do so, you need two basic components: soil and plants. You should also consider mulch, which, in addition to making your landscape look polished, keeps your soil and plants healthier. We also recommended you install bed edging to contain your garden.


There is also maintenance needed to make your garden thrive, like regular application of fertilizer. Can you see the list piling up? These are still considered basic. As you keep on imagining and designing your landscape, you will end up thinking of a lot more materials needed to get the job done.


When you’re designing your landscape, you have many design ideas that you want to fulfil. More design ideas mean more materials needed. So you struggled on landscaping, especially with looking for landscape supply stores near me. Before you buy landscape supplies in different landscape supply stores near me or purchase them in small amounts or packs, remember that you need a lot of materials for the design. Look for landscape supply stores near me that offer bulk orders. A landscape supply store near me can give the best prices, highest quality materials, and offers the most convenience.


Whatever type of project you would be doing, you would need a significant amount of materials. Ordering in bulk has its perks, especially if you buy from Greenscape NEO’s landscape supply store.


Greenscape NEO is a landscaping company based in Parma, Ohio. We are also a landscape supply store that offers bulk supplies. We sell different types of soils, mulch, gravel, and more.  We have affordable and competitive prices. The supplies are exceptional and of the highest quality. Ordering is simple with Greenscape NEO since our landscape supply store is available online and is easy to navigate.

When ordering in bulk, you might expect it to be expensive. However, when buying in bulk at our landscape supply store, you get to save more money. It is cheaper than buying lots of pre-packed bags at the home improvement store. There are discounts when you buy in bulk. Also, you have the freedom to measure the amount of supply you will be purchasing in a bulk order compared to pre-packed bags. In this way, you save money by just being able to order the amount you need and avoiding a lot of excess. We offer purchases by the yard at our landscape supply store near me.

Buying bulk materials at our landscape supply store is way better than store packs because you get better-quality supplies at bulk pricing. It is more likely that the supplies bought in different packs will have differences compared to buying it in one bulk order. Having uniform supplies will result in a better finished product. For example, uniformed soil will give plants and trees the same nourishment and will be treated the same. Uniformity will also give an aesthetic appeal. Buying in bulk is also a much more environmentally friendly option. You get to buy your supplies in less packaging; hence, there is less waste.

Lastly, and this is possibly the best reason you should buy bulk at our landscape supply stores– all your ordered supplies can be delivered to you. It is hassle-free. You can easily order it in-store or online, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. You do not need to load it in your car and get the trunk all dirty. Our landscape supply store will deliver your bulk purchases in five days guaranteed.

For your landscape materials, ordering in bulk is the best option. Look for the landscape supply store near me that will provide you high-quality bulk materials. We at Greenscape NEO guarantee that all the materials from our landscape supply store are of the utmost quality. We are also willing to assist you in selecting the correct materials and amounts at our Northeast Ohio landscape supply store!

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Aside from this, we also offer a lot of services in case you do not want to get your hands dirty, and would rather hire someone to pamper up your yard. Our landscaping services include garden design and installation, mulch installation, bed edging, tree delivery and planting, and lawn maintenance. We even offer concrete services, waterproofing and basement repairs. We also have snow removal services and deicing salts in bulk.

With over a decade of experience, we understand what you need. We push through to satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations. As a homeowner who imagined and planned this grand design for our home, you certainly will be able to acquire the supplies you needed and so much more with Greenscape NEO.

Looking for landscaping supplies can be difficult. You have to be a smart buyer and be thorough in looking at different landscape supply stores. Look for landscape supply stores near me that allow bulk order. It is cheaper and more efficient.  You would also want to get high-quality materials for your yard. Choose Greenscape NEO as your landscape supply store because you will get the best deals from here, and we not only supply your material needs but also services. It is a one-stop-shop! Check out our website for more details.

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